Reminder: Bull Island Action Group litter pick up

15 Nov 2012

Just a reminder to everyone that this months Bull Island Action Group litter pick up will be taking place this Saturday, November 17th. As ever, they would appreciate as much help as possible.

The group always meets at 11am the entrance to Dollymount Strand, just beyond the Royal Dublin Golf Club. Litter pickers, gloves and rubbish bags are provided.

Try to bring a friend or a family member along with you. They will get fresh air and exercise and give the group some valuable help.

Bull Island Action Group are an organisation that get volunteers together to clean beaches and sand dunes on Dollymount Strand, the Bull Wall, parts of the causeway and the inner shore of North Bull Island. 

Please see the expected weather and tide information for Saturday below. Make sure that you dress for the expected conditions as the beach is very exposed. Rubber boots are always a good idea!

Weather forecast for Saturday: Partly sunny, winds WSW at 14km/h. Min-max temps 4-8C. Source

Tide information for Saturday: Low water will be at 06:55am. Height 0.7m. High water will be at 13.35pm. Height 4.3m. Source