Recent Littering on Promenade - Statement from CRA

10 May 2020

Statement from Clontarf Residents' Association

We highlighted the problem with littering in the area just over a week ago and it is regrettable to report that the situation has gotten worse.

Despite the fact that DCC have provided additional bins on the Promenade there are some disgusting photos from this morning. 

DCC had emptied all of these bins 24hrs earlier.  They also tried to do clean-ups during the day but this was not possible due to people not getting out of the way of their truck and others throwing rubbish towards them.  This is inconsiderate and thoughtless behaviour towards DCC staff who are doing their best in difficult circumstances.

Thanks to our local volunteers – Dave, Eoin and Damian – and DCC staff the prom is clean once again and the bins are empty and ready for today’s onslaught.

We will ask DCC to provide even more bins including the 'Big Belly' bins and to continue to do additional collections.  Much of the rubbish is from the increase in takeaways.  We would like to thank the staff from Kanoodle who helped with the clean-up in their area this morning. We will be asking the other relevant business owners if they can assist with clean-up/storage of rubbish.  

However, we would also like to remind people that full bins are not an excuse for littering.

In relation to the dog poop issue, yesterday we saw CCTV footage of a dog walker watching her dog do their business in the middle of the footpath and simply walking on by.  There is further CCTV footage of people dumping bags of dog poop in one of the laneways.  Please pick up after your dog and remember just because you can’t see anyone it doesn’t mean someone hasn’t seen you.  One of our volunteers also had the 'privilege' of filling a black sack with poop bags that had been discarded on the beach beside the railings at Royal Dublin.

The majority of dog walkers Bin it and Bag it.  The majority of those using the local takeaway outlets dispose of their rubbish responsibly.  As is often the case, it is a small minority who are not playing their part.  Let's all work together to do whatever we can to keep our neighbourhood clean.  

As always if you have any suggestions or feedback, please email us at