Readers Photos Beautiful Clontarf by Louise Quill

10 Feb 2014

We have had great response to our "Readers' Photos" segment and loving the pictures you are emailing us. People are really capturing the beauty of Clontarf. Here are a few more super photos taken by Louise Quill, that really jumped out at us. They're all taken with an iPhone 4S and filed on Instagram. Thanks Louise.

"It's still there sometimes" - The Bull Wall. Clontarf.

Low tide at Clontarf

The Causeway. Jan 2014

The Causeway. High Tide.

Dollymount Strand. January 2014.

Remember, if you have some special photos of the Clontarf area that you think might interest people we would love to see them… it can be anything, skyscapes, buildings, monuments, parks or anything that shows the beauty of Clontarf – feel free to be creative!


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