Rasai Curachai - Dublin Currach Racing Regatta

29 Apr 2014

The East Wall Watersports Centre will be hosting an open day on Saturday the 14th where people can come down and try out currach rowing on the day.

Sunday the 15th of June this year will be a great opportunity to experience currach rowing at its most exhilarating and best.

The Dublin Currach Regatta will take place on the 15th of June at the East Wall Water Sports Centre. It is the only east coast regatta that is part of the annual national currach racing league which takes place from May to August on the west coast of Ireland.  

Last year was the first time the Dublin currach regatta was accepted into the league. This year’s regatta is aiming to have more teams in the races.  

The regatta’s course starts at East Wall Watersports Centre on the Tolka estuary and will run parallel to the Clontarf road. Spectators will get a flavour of the skill and speed of these traditional canvas boats slicing through the water with the backdrop of Dublin Bay.

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