Proposed Changes Regarding Dogs in St Anne’s Park

07 Jan 2022

Dublin City Council (DCC) are currently reviewing the arrangements around dogs on and off-leash in St Anne’s Park.  

The current arrangements allow dogs to be off-leash up until 11 am and for the last hour before closing time.  Dogs must be on the lead at all other times.  

The new arrangements would allow dogs to be off-leash all of the time in some areas and on a leash at all times in other areas of the park.  

The photo below shows the proposed on-leash area outlined in red with the remainder of the open areas of the park being off-leash areas:

The off-leash area will amount to 77.5 Hectares and the on-leash area will amount to 21.9 Hectares.

The rationale for the proposed change is to try to allow more time for those wishing to exercise their dogs off-leash whilst at the same time providing comfort to others who are fearful of dogs.  

Dogs off-leash are of course required to be under effective control at all times.

The DCC report on this matter can be read here.

CRA will be making a submission on this matter to DCC and we would welcome your feedback to