Parking Restrictions on Dollymount Beach

02 Sep 2014

As you may have heard in recent weeks, new parking restrictions have been imposed on Dollymount beach. These restrictions were put in place in response to an incident on the beach where the emergency services were unable to get speedy access to the beach.

You can read our original story on this here. Please also read the comments below the story as they will give you a sense of what people's reaction was to the situation. As you will see there are varying opinions on the matter.

On the one hand, there is a school of thought that cars should just not be allowed on beaches while on the other, people felt that other options should have been considered and more consultation should have taken place. Particularly, as the beach is much less accessible now for disabled users and for wind and kitesurfers.

What's your view? Please vote below and if you can please share on Facebook and Twitter as Dollymount is used by many residents all over the Northside of Dublin. 

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