Parenting Boys for Success at School - a talk by Joseph Driessen

26 Sep 2011

The Parents Association St John the Baptist Junior Boys School proudly present this talk by Joseph Driessen. It takes place on Thursday 13th October 2011.

Joseph's popular parent evening has been attended by thousands of parents internationally. It gives parents a deeper understanding of what motivates their sons, and shows them how boys need to be supported in order to become outstanding students. The talk starts at 8.00pm.

About Joseph Driessen:
- Joseph is a leading International Educator specialising in Boys’ Education and is based in New Zealand.
- Frequent Speaker at National and International Teacher Conferences about Boys’ Education.

Some topics covered:
- Why challenges and goals are so important for boys
- What boys will read, and why this is so
- How to make homework part of your son’s life
- How to provide structure and help your son to lift his achievement
- Mothers’ mentoring skills for their sons
- Essential parenting skills for fathers
- How to strengthen you son’s masculine identity and self confidence
- Relationship building with sons - How to do it, and how not to do it
- How to provide balanced parenting by split families
- What to do if your son is not doing well at school
- 7 sure ways to solve problems at school.

Admission is free and the event is sponsored by Nolan's Supermarket.