Office Chairs Ireland: Life Changing Ergonomic Solutions

19 Nov 2014

office chairs ireland mPosition chair

Office Chairs Ireland are professionals in their industry. They understand that office seating is important, not only for your day-to-day comfort but also for you health. 

Office Chairs Ireland are specialists in what are known in the industry as 24 hour chairs - chairs that are designed to keep you comfortable all day long, making long working days a little bit easier.

A prime example is one of their bestsellers, the Zircon 24/7 chair. This chair features memory foam cushions and intuitive design, which encourages the spine to assume its natural ‘S’ shape. This makes for a huge reduction in neck aches and back aches throughout the working day. Many adjustable features mean that you can customise the chair to suit your own individual needs. The Zircon also comes in a spectrum of colours, meaning that it can match the colour scheme of any board room or office. Made in Italy, the Zircon is a quality made product that allows you to work all day in comfort. 

Another one of their bestsellers is the mPosition chair, one of the most coveted pieces of office furniture on the market today. The mPosition features incredible customisable features, allowing you to create the perfect chair for when you’re working, lounging or surfing the net. 

Check out this video of the mPosition and its incredible capabilities. More about the mPosition chair can be found on’s official Facebook page.

Office Chairs Ireland also specialise in ergonomic solutions. They have a decade of experience in working with people who have bad backs, disabilities, injuries, weight issues and other problems that can make office work incredibly difficult. Office Chairs Ireland stay up to date on the latest ergonomic solutions and work with their clients to find the one that is best suited to them. Office Chairs Ireland stock a huge range of ergonomic products with innovative features, such as customisable pressure settings to control where and how much support you need. 

Office Chairs Ireland are proud of the service they provide to many happy customers. To celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, Office Chairs Ireland have given us a FREE mPosition ergonomic chair (pictured above), worth over €2000, to give away! 

The mPosition is one of Office Chairs Ireland’s premium products. They’ve sold mPositions to some of Dublin’s most elite companies - including Google.

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The winner will be announced on Monday the 24th of November. This date marks Office Chairs Ireland’s 10th business anniversary. Get sharing!