Notice from CRA - Bathing Water Quality North Bull Wall

21 Jul 2016

The following is a notice from the Clontarf Residents' Association

As the weather has been lovely this week, you may have been bathing on Dollymount from the bathing shelters, or you may be a hardy year-long swimmer. You may not be aware the City side of the North Bull Wall is not a recognised bathing area under Bathing Water Regulations. 

We now have an opportunity to change this and we believe that it is very important to do so, as it may serve to protect this local historic amenity for generations to come, at City, National and EU level. See below the Public Notice published at the end of June. 

Bathing Water Quality Consultation


All 31 city and county councils are inviting public participation in the identification of Bathing Waters under the Bathing Waters Directive and the Bathing Water Quality Regulations 2008 (SI No 79 of 2008). The Directive requires that water quality at all designated bathing waters meets stringent microbiological standards in order to protect the health of people who choose to bathe there. City and county councils are required under the 2008 Regulations to identify bathing waters on an annual basis. This consultation process provides the public with an opportunity to:

  • Comment on existing designated bathing waters with a view to continuation of designation,
  • Comment on other bathing waters not currently designated but which may be considered for designation.

Dublin City Council’s existing designated beaches are:-Dollymount; Sandymount Strand; Merrion Strand

Dublin City Council invites submissions from interested parties in relation to the identification of Bathing Waters. These can be submitted as follows: By post to;

Administrative Officer,

Culture Recreation and Amenity Department,

Parks & Landscape Services Division,

Dublin City Council,

Civic Offices,

Block 4, Floor 0. Wood Quay,

Dublin 8.

Or by email to 

The closing date for submissions is 28th July 2015.

It is important that you make a submission by email or post to above.

The Criteria that may be used to evaluate your submission are as follows:

  • General location of beach and it’s physical characteristics
  • How the bathing area has been used up to now
  • How many people use the site
  • What facilities are provided at the bathing area, and how accessible is it, 
  • Facilities could include the likes of public toilets, changing facilities, car and/or bicycle parking, litter/recycling bins, lifeguards/first aid facilities, kiosks or shops.
  • Any water safety issues.

Below is a draft submission which can be copied and used or altered as you think fit. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE GET AS MANY SUBMISSIONS AS POSSIBLE IN BEFORE THE 28th July 2016.

A Chara, 

With reference the recent Public Notice regarding Bathing Water Quality Consultation I wish to submit that the waters City side of the North Bull Wall should be designated as a recognised bathing area under the Bathing Waters Directive and the Bathing Water Quality Regulations 2008 (SI No 79 of 2008). 

My reasons for asking that this bathing area be recognised are as follows:

  • Bathing has taken place there since the Bull Wall built:
  • It is recognised as the most popular spot on the Bull Island for swimming  in Summer and Winter by a very big margin; 
  • There are three shelters on South Bank of North Bull Wall
  • The numbers bathing in Summer can be up to 500 on a fine day whilst in period Dec to March an estimated 20 to 25 daily users.
  • Its use by elderly men and women who can literally drive to the bathing place and walk a few yards to swim at any time of year!
  • It is an ideal and safe area for swimming with no gradients and no rip tides and predictable if and when currents
  • It is widely used by families with young children.
  • It is also widely used by Triathlons and Sea Swims Clubs. 
  • With a 3 hour time frame either side of high it possible to have a daily swim in daylight here even in winter time.
  • The Changing Shelters already there and are currently being upgraded. 
  • There are lifeguards on duty in the Summer.
  • The waters are currently regularly monitored by DCC officials 
  • There are Public Toilets and Parking nearby.

I trust you will look favourably on this submission and I would be obliged, if your decision is in the negative, that you will advise me in writing of the reasons for the rejection.

Yours faithfully,

Name: …………………….