Northside Music Festival - Clontarf Event

23 Jul 2011

As part of the Nortside Music Festival, there is a live outdoor concert this Monday at 2.00pm.

The music will be provided by The Oxo Boys Stringband and Beoga.

The Oxo Boys:
These boys are the ones the Americana bands from the states come to see when visiting Dublin! Expect everything from blistering fiddle/banjo duets to old timey waltzes onto the dark and spooky ballads of murder, whisky, mayhem and forsaken love! Be sure to ask the banjo player where the name came from!

BEOGA (gaelic for ‘lively’) are a five-piece band based in Antrim. Formed in 2002, they have become one of the most popular and influential ensembles in modern Irish music. Their unique sound features the twin dueling accordions of Damian McKee and multi-instrumentalist Seán Óg Graham, pianist Liam Bradley and four times All-Ireland bodhrán champion Eamon Murray. In 2005, the lineup was complete, with the addition of Niamh Dunne, one of Ireland’s premier young talents, on vocals and fiddle.

Download the brochure for the Northside Music Festival (PDF)