New Causeway from Clontarf to Sandymount

01 Apr 2015


Breaking news this morning from the Clontarf Business Association....

Due to the phenomenal growth and success of the Clontarf Business Association they have announced today that they will be investing €75 million to build a new causeway directly from Clontarf to Sandymount. 

The causeway (artist image attached) will commence at the wooden bridge and extend to Sandymount primarily to elevate traffic congestion in the city centre but also as a key route to all Leinster games in the RDS.

Dublin City Council have also agreed to build a ‘Clontarf Residents Only’ dedicated laneway from Sandymount to the Aviva Stadium and to the RDS Stadium and furthermore the Royal Dublin Society have agreed to build a dedicated car park area within the Stadium complex for Clontarf Leinster fans who are named Brian or Cian.  

The planning application will be lodged today and an open consultation will begin in the coming months, with the primary concern as to the whether the causeway should be named Brian O'Driscoll or Cian Healy Freeway.