New Book on History of Clontarf

07 Aug 2012

Residents of Clontarf might often wonder about how the area came to be as it is now. How areas such as Mechamp, Castilla, Blackheath or Baymount got their names. Why there is such a variation in design of buildings, or even what the castle was like, before the area around it was built up. 

Well, Claire Gogarty, a Clontarf resident, is working on answering questions such as these. Claire is writing a book about the history of the development of Clontarf, which will be launched in October. However, you have the chance to get your name in the Acknowledgements section now, by either offering a contribution towards publication costs or buying an advanced copy to be sure you'll receive a book, as they may sell out quickly.

Also, if you have any facts about the history of your house, you can contact Claire on 087 239 7650.