Met Eireann Weather Warning

16 Oct 2012

Met Éireann has issued a weather warning for the Dublin region and Dublin City Council have in turn announced some flood prevention action being taken. From the Dublin City Council site:

Met Éireann have issued a weather warning for Dublin valid until 6 pm on Wednesday 17th. October. They forecast that “some local flooding is possible from the rain but coastal flooding is also a threat due to additional combination of spring tides, low pressure and SE gales and some high seas tomorrow”.
Between 1:00 am on Wednesday 17th October and 1:30 am on Thursday 18th. October there will be a total of three very high tides in a row.  These high tides are above the City Council’s tide watch level and just below the Council’s tide alert level. Following a meeting of the City Council’s Flooding Assessment Group the following precautionary actions are being taken:

  • The Liffey Boardwalk defences are being closed on Wednesday morning.
  • The car parks at Sandymount promenade and at Clontarf are being closed tonight.
  • The flood defences on the River Tolka are being put in place.
  • Drainage crews are being mobilised.



The flood gates on the River Dodder have already been closed. There may be very localised wave overtopping in parts of Sandymount and Clontarf. Dublin City Council maintains a stock of sandbags at various locations for strategic purposes and will be deployed by Drainage staff, if required.