Message In A Bottle Washes Up On Contarf Shore

06 Jan 2014

One of the great things about being by the sea is you just never know what might wash a shore and it would seem the recent storm floods brought a surprise with it for one person out walking on Clontarf promenade.

Mark McGowan was walking along the promenade in Clontarf with his wife Clare on Friday when they spotted the plastic bottle, thought to have washed ashore after last week’s flooding.

The letter, written by a couple by the names of Isobel and Karl, lists their plans and New Year Resolutions for the year 2011.

The only clue Mark has of their home-place is Isobel’s resolution to ‘do/see more of London’ and ‘make more London pals’.

Other resolutions of Isabel’s included ‘work harder, get career on track’, ‘take more photos’, to ‘remember family birthdays’ and to ‘call Dublin more’.

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