Make Way!

09 Nov 2020

People with mobility issues have a lot to contend with when it comes to navigating our footpaths and roads. There are a number of areas where we can help them out.

Where possible reverse into your driveway – that way you will have a better view of the footpath when you are exiting.
Always exit your driveway slowly, being mindful of those on the footpath.

Don’t park on footpaths. Doing so may force pedestrians, parents with buggies, wheelchair users or the visually impaired to have to use the road to get by. It is also illegal to park on the footpath.
Leave designated disabled spaces for those with the appropriate permit. They need wider spaces and proximity to the shops.

Please cut back your shrubs so that they are not overhanging the pavement. Overhanging shrubs can pose a danger to blind and partially sighted people. Again, legally your shrubs cannot extend beyond the boundary of your property.

Together we make our neighbourhood a safer more considerate place for everyone.

As always, we welcome feedback, on this or any issue, by email to