Local Car Enthusiast Features in 'Irish Vintage Scene'

16 Jun 2011

There's a great story in the latest edition of 'Irish Vintage Scene' - a car magazine - about local man, Andy Hennessy who recently completed a labour-of-love type restoration job on a 50 year old Fiat 1100.

What was remarkable in the story was that Andy had rescued the car from a neighbouring family on Hollybrook Road, the McDonnells.

This is a very interesting local story that will appeal not just to car enthusiasts. You can download the article in PDF format here. Be patient as it's a large file but you will be rewarded for your patience with some stunning visuals of the car returned to its former glory.

And, great news, this very same car will be on display at the Food and Fun Fair event on Saturday - in the car park opposite the shops near Hollybrook Road.

Congratulations to Andy on his achievement.