'Light the Prom' - Schedule

23 Dec 2012


  • 4.45pm Be at the nearest point on the promenade relative to your home (see 'where to go' below). There is no single focal point for this event.
  • 4.50pm Find a place on the wall for your candles and glass holders
  • 5.00pm Light your candles, stand back about 10 paces and enjoy the view
  • 5.05pm Song: "Jingle Bells" X 2
  • 5.10pm Blow out your candle and please bring it home


You need to bring:

  • At least one candle
  • At least one glass holder for your candle
  • A lighter to light your candle(s)
  • A ‘smartphone’ or other device so you can tell the exact time
  • You can bring as many candles as you want. The more the better. It can be one per person or one per family - whatever you can manage comfortably.

Where to go:

Most likely, we expect most people to arrive on the prom via one of the roads that runs perpendicular to the prom. Below is some advice for you depending on which of these roads suits you:

  • Anywhere south of Hollybrook Road or Via Hollybrook Road:
    You are covering Section 1 - St Anthonys Hall (where the sea wall begins) to Seaview Avenue North/Stiles Rd
  • Via St Lawrence Road, Stiles Road/ Seaview Avenue
    You are covering section 2 - Seaview Avenue to Haddon Rd
  • Via Haddon Road or Castle Avenue
    You are covering section 3 - Haddon Rd to Scoil Ui Chonaill AND section 4 - Scoil Ui Chonaill to Oulton Rd
  • Via Oulton Road
    You are covering section 5 - Oulton Rd to Summerville
  • Via Belgrove Road 
    You are covering section 6 - Summerville to Vernon Ave
  • Via Vernon Avenue
    You are covering section 7 - Vernon Ave - Fortview Ave AND section 8 - Fortview Ave to Conquer Hill Rd
  • Via Conquer Hill Road
    You are covering section 9 - Conquer Hill Rd to 270 Clontarf Rd AND section 10 - 270 Clontarf Rd to 295 Clontarf Rd
  • Via Kincora Rd (beside Kinara) or anywhere north of this point
    You are covering section 11 - 295 Clontarf Rd to the Wooden Bridge
  • If you are living on the Clontarf Road you can select a point opposite your home but please take care crossing the Clontarf Road and use designated crossing points where possible.

How to get there

Please walk to the event if at all possible. Residents traveling from the west side of Clontarf may of course need to travel by car.

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