Light the Prom - Photos

24 Dec 2012

Thanks a million to all of you who turned up last evening. There was certainly an appetite for a pre-xmas get together.

There were 3 busy areas; both ends of the prom and opposite Vernon Ave in the middle. It was a bit spread out in between. We think about 1,000 people in total.

light the prom clontarf

We may refine it a bit if we redo it next year. Maybe just focusing on 3 key areas and we may look for help from three
 local choirs to lead the singing. Then we could let it go on a bit longer then.

I think someone mentioned mulled wine too :-)

Thanks for all the comments and ideas to the stewards earlier which we will be collating.

Also, on behalf of the CRA and CBA, thanks to all of the stewards who volunteered.

Happy Christmas to all.