Light the Prom Next Sunday!

17 Dec 2012

In December last year, the campaign against the Flood Defence Scheme for Clontarf ended in an unlikely victory for people power.

A new flood design process is about to start and it is the hope of the Clontarf Residents' and Business Associations that the amenity value of the promenade will play a much greater role in the next planning process.

Following on from this victory, we believe that there has been a greater appreciation of, and greater usage of the Promenade during 2012. This has been reflected through comments received to and also verbal comments to the CRA/CBA committees. Perhaps you need to nearly lose something to fully appreciate it?

On the back of this, we wanted to organise a SPECIAL COMMUNITY EVENT to recognise the unique position that the Promenade holds in the hearts of Clontarf residents.

Our event will take place on Sunday 23rd December between 4.45 and 5.10pm.

We are asking residents of Clontarf to join together with us on the Prom for a special 'Light the Prom' event.

At exactly 5.00pm, we hope that you will help us to light candles along the full length of the sea wall from opposite St. Anthony's Church Hall all the way to the Wooden Bridge. We’ll also have a quick sing song!

'Light the Prom' is about saying thanks for what we have here in Clontarf. It's also about welcoming home sons, daughters and other relatives and friends who are returning for Christmas from overseas.

Please come out and join us!

This is a 'flash mob'-style event so, without you, it won't work.

See links below for the exact schedule and instructions. Please also check back on throughout the week for further updates.

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Light the Prom next Sunday