Lifejackets for Christmas

04 Dec 2013

The Irish Coast Guard who are responsible for keeping an eye on the Clontarf shoreline, have just launched their Christmas Campaign, the objective is for people to consider buying their loved ones a LifeJacket this Christmas.

For anyone spending time on the water, regardless of how far they are from shore or regardless of whether it is a body-board, surf-board, canoe or boat a life jacket is a basic piece of kit - but it could be the most important bit of equipment you ever own.

When people who enjoy the water and water-sports do the little things to keep safe it makes a massive difference to the the Irish Coast Guard. And with a lot of tragedies last summer we need to all work together and do our bit to help the Coast Guard - A life jacket means a life saving gift and helps the Irish Coast Guard to keep the Clontarf coastline a safer place.

Hope you or your loved never have the need to avail of their services but it's comforting to know that they are there if you do need them

Check out the Irish Coast Guard Facebook Page