Life After Life - Paddy Armstrong's Book is available from Spar

28 Apr 2017

Not everyone knows this but Paddy Armstrong is a resident of Clontarf. In 1975 Paddy was falsely convicted and imprisoned for a pub bombing in Guildford. Following 15 years in prison, the verdict was finally quashed and he was released.

He has finally told his story in a compelling new book written by his friend and Holy Faith Alumna Mary Elaine Tynan. We've read the book and it's an incredible, human story. We wholeheartedly recommend it.

In the book, he talks a lot about Clontarf and many of its institutions and residents. 'Life After Life: A Guilford Four Memoir' is available from Spar on Vernon Ave, with a limited number of signed copies still available. It is already their best selling book since Harry Potter in the local Spar.