LAMBO By St Paul's Alumni Hugh Travers and Ronan Phelan

10 Sep 2013

Hugh Travers describes the new play LAMBO which plays in the Fringe Festival as "written by someone from Clontarf (me) about a man from Clontarf (Gerry Ryan) and directed by another alumnus from St Paul's Ronan Phelan.

LAMBO tells the story of an absurd national scandal, a celebrity under pressure in media silly season and one man’s desire to entertain. That man is Gerry Ryan.1987: a story hits the headlines that sends an unsuspecting Irish nation reeling in shock an

d disgust. A story of brutality and bloodshed, of depravity and gross deception. A story of murder.

Gerry Ryan has killed a lamb. Kind of. Maybe.

What starts as a radio slot about survival guides on the Gay Byrne Show quickly descends into a media frenzy. With blood on his hands, Gerry must face police investigation, political scandal and somehow save his career.

Ryan is played by Michael Ford- FitzGerald (Further Than The Furthest Thing) whose bombastic storytelling will transport the audience to the wilds of Connemara, to the back corridors of RTÉ and into the surreal and ridiculous world of the mind and memory, exploring what show-business is really about and what it costs to be a celebrity.

Presented by Underscore Productions, LAMBO By Hugh Travers, Directed by Ronan Phelan will show at Dublin Fringe Festival  2013 "The New Theatre", on September 16 - 21 @ 8pm 


Venue: The New Theatre / 43 East Essex St.

Dates/Times: 16-21 Sep / 8pm /Tickets from €10

Duration : 60min 

BOOKING: or call 1850 FRINGE (1850 374 643)