Join the Seafield Singers!

05 Jul 2018

The Seafield Singers would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Clontarf for their amazing support. Since their establishment in 1990, the proceeds of their concerts have raised over €250,000 for a variety of charities. Some performances have been in collaboration with other choirs including St. Patrick Cathedral and East Cork Choral Union. 

The choir is a very friendly group and indeed are often referred to as ‘another family’. They love music but we are also great friends. To give you a flavour of what it is like to sing with the group, chair of the Choir, Mary Curley, asked members what the choir means to them and here are some responses;

Roger said, “The music is great and the company even better”. 

Ros said, “When I go to the choir I step into music and nothing else matters, everything else is left behind.” 

Marian said “It provides me with an environment that is enjoyable, stimulating and refreshing. It facilitates a shared feeling of togetherness in a communal setting. It has allowed me to develop meaningful friendships on the basis of a common interest. It has broadened my understanding of music and provides me with exposure to a wide range of both sacred and secular music which has enriched my musical appreciation and experience. In summary, the choir has provided me with fun, friendships and freedom to express myself musically and plays a central role in my life. 

Catherine said “We all know being part of a choir has such wonderful benefits for our health not to mention the buzz you get when you hear the sound and harmonies you are creating. Being part of the Seafield Singers where you are so warmly welcome is just an extra bonus” 

Andrew said “It means the chance to share in creating beautiful and memorable sounds, the chance to enjoy new friendships based on a shared commitment to something that transcends individuals, the chance to contribute to something bigger than yourself; and all that in addition to the benefits to health and happiness, especially in the reduction of stress and anxiety, that singing in a choir has been proved to confer. You can be young or old, musically expert or illiterate, but your voice can be trained to produce sounds you can be proud of”. 

Mary herself says; "I cannot begin to properly describe what singing in this choir means to me. I simply love it. If you like to sing and this has whetted your appetite to join us, we are always on the lookout for good singers and there are vacancies in all parts. Sight reading is not a priority. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings, in the Church of Ireland hall on Seafield Road from 7.30pm to 9.30pm."

 If you are interested in joining The Seafield Singers please contact the secretary of the choir, Hazel, on 8212165.