Join the Bull Island Action Group Beach Clean - September 2023

13 Sep 2023

Volunteer for the beach clean-up at Dollymount Beach this Saturday, September 16th, 2023, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and help make a positive impact and preserve our shores. Full details are below...

Time11:00 a.m sharp so please do try to arrive 15 minutes early.
Place: The entrance to Dollymount Strand, just past Royal Dublin Golf Club at the storage container behind the Happy Out Café.
Google Maps: 
Duration: 2 hours. 
Equipment: Litter pickers, bag hoops, hi-vis vests and rubbish bags are provided. Please remember to bring your own work gloves. Hand sanitiser will be provided before and after the cleanup.
Work Areas: The beach, the sand dunes, the inner shore, and the causeway, if there are enough volunteers. A prior inspection will be conducted in order to check which areas need to be prioritised.
DCC: Dublin City Council provides a tractor and trailer plus driver to haul away what is picked up. 
Weather: The forecast is that rain is expected and there will be a moderate breeze from the north. Temperature is expected to be 11C.
Source: Applying sunscreen is always advisable. Wearing wellies or boots is a good idea. Bring a rain jacket with you, just in case!
Tide: Low water will be at 06:43 - height 0.69m. High water will be at 13:11 - height 3.77m.This means that we will be as the tide is rising.  Source: