Jake and the Sleeping Beauty

27 Jun 2013
Red Island Theatre Company Presents
A Magic Carpet Production
A brand new fairy-tale ‘Jake & The Sleeping Beauty’ following the adventures of the young prince, Jake, as he ventures into the Enchanted Forest to find excitement, fun and of course True Love. Can he save the fair Princess Aurora, The Sleeping Beauty, from the clutches of the wicked Queen Evilena? 
From the classic tradition of Grimm and Anderson, but with a modern twist, ’Jake & The Sleeping Beauty’ will enthral, entertain and enlighten children in equal measure. Magical, Hilarious and Moving with lavish costumes, set and classic soundtrack. 
Showing at 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm at Viking Theatre @ the sheds on the 18th and 19th of July. Shows are 1 hour in duration.
This is the ideal introduction to live theatre for children aged 4 to 14!
Admission - €5 
Family of four - €18
Jake and the Sleeping Beauty Poster