Incident with Dog on Seafront | Did you Help a Young Girl?

20 Jun 2019

Following on from Tuesday's horrific story regarding a dog attack on Bull Island, we were contacted by another follower of relating to a frightening incident with a dog 6 weeks ago. 

A local mother and her eight-year-old daughter Libby were walking along the Seafront. They sat down on the sea wall for a rest when a dog, off the lead, came bounding towards them. Libby, who has Down syndrome, got a fright and fell backwards off the wall onto the sea bed (approx 8 feet). Thankfully, the tide was out at the time, and she was very lucky not to hit her head on anything. Libby's mam ran to the nearest steps to help her daughter who was clearly frightened and in pain. She was assisted by two men who witnessed the incident, who carried Libby to the car. 

Libby ended up with 2 x broken bones in her leg, a lucky escape considering there could have been a very different outcome. 

Although we don't doubt that the dog who ran to Libby was likely friendly, what dog owners must understand is if a child or indeed an adult is frightened it can be very stressful for them. Under Dublin City Park bye-laws, dogs are only permitted off the lead in both St Anne's Park & on the Clontarf Promenade up to 11 am and for an hour before park closing times. In summer months this is usually from 9 pm - 10 pm. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are dogs allowed off their leash on the Bull Island - this is to protect the island wildlife. 

Libby's family would love to locate the two men who helped them following the incident - the photo below shows Libby from the day of the incident so you might recognise her. If this was you or someone you know, please send us a message.