*Important* S2S Works - Update from CRA

02 Feb 2017



The following is an update from the Clontarf Residents' Association in relation to the S2S works on the Clontarf Road. 

This project commenced at the end of April 2015 and we, the residents, were told it would take 16 months to complete.

We are now 21 months into the work.  

The Environmental Monitoring and Liaison Committee (EMLC) that was established to ‘provide for consultation in relation to community and environmental matters.’ met again last Tuesday, 31 January 2017.  

This meeting did not go well.

We have invited the local CLLRs to an urgent meeting to discuss the many issues – lack of progress, further delays on completion dates, lack of information and misinformation, ponding, defects in new road surface etc.  We will be looking for our CLLRs to ensure that DCC engage fully in the process and address these issues without further delay.    

A brief update on the main issues is set out below and a further update will be provided after the meeting with the CLLRs. 

  • The end date for substantial completion is now the middle of March. This means cyclists and motorists will continue to have to share this reduced width carriageway. We believe is very unsafe for all concerned.  
  • The lack of progress on completing the cycle track and sea side footpath has not related to over wintering birds.  The over wintering birds only restrict work undertaken from within the lagoon.  
  • While the white screen may be unsightly it does mean that the construction work could be continuing on the land side of the sea wall.  
  • We were initially led to believe that the lack of progress on site since the resurfacing work was completed related to issues at the Bull Bridge junction. We were told on Tuesday that it was as a result of problems with commissioning the new Watermain that have been ongoing since the 4th of December.  The lack of communication on this matter is astonishing to say the least. We are now told the Water main issues have been resolved. 
  • We have received a schedule of works for February and this can be viewed here. The schedule of work to completion of the project, which was originally requested in April 2016 and again at each meeting thereafter but has yet to be provided, has again been promised. 
  • There are a number of other issues on site that are causing problems for residents which were not resolved, including ponding, accessing driveways, placement of bus stops, potential for further road closures, need for carriageway repairs, etc.  

Throughout this process we have endeavoured to work with DCC with a view to reaching a mutually acceptable position in relation to the issues.  The EMLC was set up some 8 months late.  Communication and consultation has ranged from ideal in relation to some matters to non-existent on others.  It is unfortunate that, some 5 months after the project was due to be completed and with at least another month and a half to go before the latest completion date, we still have so many issues to resolve.  

If you have any specific concerns that you wish to bring to our attention please email us at clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com.