Important - Part 8 Planning Application for Causeway Road

18 Nov 2016

The CRA would like to draw residents attention to a Part 8 Planning Application that has been lodged by the City Parks Superintendent of Dublin City Council “for the regularization of car-parking on Causeway Road...”.

In summary the proposals will:

  • reduce the width of the carriageway to two 3m wide lanes (i.e. the width of the ramp that was installed on the Causeway Road as part of the current S2S works)
  • reduce the width of the existing grass berm that separates the carriageway from the footpath
  • replace existing parallel parking spaces with diagonal parking spaces
  • replace the tarmac under these parking spaces with a ‘honeycomb’ geotextile (The purpose of the ‘honeycomb’ geotextile is to allow sand to fill into the cavities. This in turn will allow for re-vegetation with flora from the island which will naturalise the parking spaces.)
  • provide ten new disabled parking spaces on the southern link road that leads from the roundabout to the beach – the existing dune habitat that would be lost by this measure will be replaced further along the link road by removal of tarmacadam.

We have been told that the spaces shown on the drawings are illustrative only and that these type of spaces would be replicated along the length of the Causeway Road in phases. We have also been informed that resurfacing of the road would take place in association with the provision of the new car parking spaces. There is no definitive timeline for completion of all of the works as it would be dependent on funding being available. However, we are advised that the intention would be to have a first phase in place for next summer which would include the disabled spaces and at least 50 of the re-aligned general car parking spaces.

We understand that a cycleway will be provided on the city side of the carriageway along the line of the existing footpath. It is not detailed in the drawings but it is open to anyone making an observation on the plans to include comments on this aspect of the development.

Have a look at the plans and let us know what you think. They can be viewed on line using the Reference Number 3811/16 in the Planning Search facility of DCCs website. The deadline for observations is 16.30hrs on Thursday the 24 th of November 2016.

The CRA will be making observations on the matter and would welcome feedback on the proposals by email to

Click here to view the planning on the DCC website