Important Notice re deployment of Sandbags

07 Feb 2012

After lengthy discussions with Dublin City Council Engineering Department it has been definitively stated that they are not in a position to provide sandbag defences on the seafront due to cuts in their funding. In a a recent communication from Tom Leahy, Executive Manager (Engineering), DCC, he stated that “Dublin City Council does not have financial provision in the 2012 budget for purchase of any additional sandbags.”

This relates both to the provision of the large 1 tonne sandbags that were previously deployed and also the smaller sandbags that had previously been made available to householders.

It appears that this non-provision of sandbags will be city-wide and not just specifically related to Clontarf.  

We are very disappointed with the decision in that we believe that, despite the cost involved in deploying sandbags, there would be a far greater cost in the event of a flood incident. 

Residents need to be aware that the next high tide period of concern is 7th to 9th March.