Illegal Posting of Leaflets on Cars in Clontarf

20 Sep 2011

There have been a few instances in recent months of advertising leaflets being placed on parked cars in the Clontarf area. There also seems to some confusion as to the legality of this practice.

The Litter Pollution Act of 1997 clearly states that this activity is prohibited. The relevant section of the act reads as follows:

"A person shall not place advertising material on a mechanically propelled vehicle in a public place without the prior consent of the person who owns, or is in charge of, the vehicle."

Read the full text of the Litter Pollution Act here

We would like to point out that NONE of the instances that have been brought to our attention involved any business trading in the Clontarf area. The businesses involved trade from just outside the Clontarf area.

While the instances are rare, they are still a nuisance for local residents. Leaflets inevitably get blown off windscreens and end up on the paths and roads. They can then get caught up with leaves falling from trees and can last for weeks later. Many roads in Clontarf are hard to sweep due to all day and night parking so that doesn't help either.

We have chosen not to name the businesses involved in this article but we may well name future businesses. Please note that you also have the right to report any incident to the Gardai or to a litter warden.