Guidelines On Recovering From Flood Damage

05 Feb 2014

With all the storms we are experiencing in recent weeks and the relentless high tides we are having in Clontarf and throughout the country as a whole, the word “Flooding” is on everyone’s lips.

It can be a very stressing time and many people may not know quite where to begin if they have experienced flooding on or around their property.

With that in mind we thought we might put together a very brief to-do list to help anyone who may be trying to recover after a flood. The list is not exhaustive but should help you make a start.

Once the floodwater levels have dropped, the time for the flood recovery process begins. Do not attempt to begin the recovery process during the flood, as it is far too hazardous, always wait until it subsides.

  • If your home has suffered damage, call your insurance agent to file a claim straight away.
  • Take photos of any floodwater in your home and carefully document all water damage.
  • Try and save any damaged personal property and make note of what you have managed to recover.
  • Make a list of damaged or lost items and include their purchase date and value with receipts (if available) and place with any inventory you may have taken prior to the flood. Some damaged items may require disposal, so keep photographs of these items.
  • From a safe distance, visually check for possible active power-lines or electrical devices near water and make sure to keep power off until an electrician has inspected your system for safety.
  • Check for structural damage before entering flooded sections of your home to avoid being trapped in a building collapse. If you are unsure of the depth of water don’t enter it until you are sure.
  • Boil water for drinking and food preparation until authorities tell you that your water supply is safe.
  • Prevent mold by removing wet contents immediately.
  • Wear gloves and boots to clean and disinfect. Wet items should be cleaned with a pine-oil cleanser and bleach, completely dried, and monitored for several days for any fungal growth and odors.
  • Floodwater can bring lots of hidden dangers. At all times think safety – If you are not sure as for help from an expert.