"Game On" - First 1,000 Pieces Of Litter Collected

21 Nov 2014

clean up clontarf challenge

loveclontarf.ie would like to congratulate both Rory McDyer and Peter from Marlowes, two local businessmen who have really gotten on board with our Clean Up Clontarf Challenge! 

For those who still haven’t heard of the initiative, it our new community anti-litter campaign, inspired by the work of Dave Gibson. loveclontarf.ie want to challenge all Clontarf residents to become a defender and clean up Clontarf! 

The challenge is to collect 150,000 pieces of litter by Christmas. Rory and Peter have already stormed ahead and collected over 1,000 pieces of litter themselves on Wednesday morning. 

Armed with a bag, a litter picker and a shovel, the pair collected over 1,000 pieces of litter from the street. It’s great to see a pair of locals help the community in such a great way. What did Rory and Peter have to say for themselves? 

“Game on!”

Why not up your game and join the Clean Up Clontarf Challenge! Even if every person picks up a single piece of litter a day when they’re out and about, we could make a real difference to the community, creating a safer environment and a good example for our children.

Send us in your photos of you, your friends and your family defending Clontarf to info@loveclontarf.ie and encourage others to do the same! 

clean up clontarf challenge