Full house for Clontarf Historical talk

14 Mar 2012

St Lawrence Road, Clontarf, DublinFor the second month running, the Clontarf Historical Society filled their venue amid a clearly growing interest in local history.

The audience made of Society members and visitors heard Frank Walsh give a talk on his ongoing research into the history of St. Lawrence Road.

The development of the road was done on a piecemeal basis with the first two houses being built in the early nineteenth century. Over the next fifty years, several blocks of terraced houses were built, each with their own name and a numbering system that was independent of the others. It was not until the end of the century that the numbering system was fully integrated.

This is an ongoing project of Frank’s so it is likely that we will get to hear more when it is completed.

Next month's talk is by local historian, Dennis McIntyre and is entitled "Bram Stoker, author of 'Dracula'. This event also forms part of a series of events planned to mark the 100th year anniversary of Bram Stoker's death in April 1912.