Foroige Youth Group Clontarf Needs Volunteers!

13 Nov 2015


Foróige has two youth groups which have been running in Clontarf for a number of years, providing a valuable outlet for local young people.

The clubs (Junior for 10-12 year olds and the Foróige Club for teens) meet on Friday evenings in St. Anthony’s Old Church.  

Both clubs are volunteer led and are very much rooted in the local community.  However, over the last few months the clubs have suffered from the loss of some of their volunteers. The current situation is that only one of the clubs is functioning and can not take any more members until such time as they get some additional volunteer support.  

Volunteers should ideally be from the local area and have an interest in working with young people. It would be a shame to see the closure of these clubs as over the past number of years the clubs have been a huge draw for 100's of young people. The clubs provide a safe social space for young people to come together with their friends and get involved in various activities and events. The clubs allow young people to develop their skills and talents and give them the opportunity to try new things. 

For more information on what Foróige does visit If you think volunteering with this wonderful group is something you may be interested in, please contact Bryan Gavin, Regional Youth Officer for North Dublin on 01 6301717 or email