Flooding on the Clontarf Road - May 27th 2017

29 May 2017


There was flooding on the Clontarf Road following rainfall on Saturday, May 27th that resulted in parts of the road being temporarily closed. A representative of the Clontarf Resident's Association sent us an album of photos as well as providing some narrative over the situation. See the full album here 

Context from the CRA

"Firstly, as most residents will know this is NOT an issue that relates to the sea. This is rainwater (pluvial) flooding. The sea has actually been calm all day. The Naniken River culvert and drains are and have always been the flooding problem in this section of the Clontarf Road.

DCC assured us that extra drainage was in place and that this would address our concerns. Clearly, this is not the case. The Naniken has burst its banks and the culvert is blocked. The road had to be closed from quite an early stage of the day and DCC were not on hand to sort the problem. Instead, it was left to the local Gardai who had to get into the middle of the flood water and unblock the drains.

Mt Prospect Ave was resurfaced again last Wednesday and today it is again flooded. At what point will the levels and the drains actually be sorted. A number of residents and businesses have also suffered flood damage as the drains, including all the new drains that have been provided, have not coped with the volume of water."