First Beach Cleanup Of The New Year

15 Jan 2014

There has been lots of cleanup needed in the wake of super storm Christine.

The first beach clean up of the year will take place on Saturday 18th January 2014. You will find all of the relevant details below.

This month, the organisers would like to send a crew of twelve volunteers down to the causeway end to work on the inner shore as that is now very heavily littered following the recent series of high tide events. Please wear boots suitable for rough and soggy terrain.

Meeting time: 11:00a.m. - Please try to arrive 10 minutes early.

Meeting point:  Dolly mount Strand entrance, just past Royal Dublin Golf Club.

Google map: Click on this URL 

By Bus: Take a Route 130 bus from Lower Abbey Street. 

Bus Stop: Get off at the Wooden Bridge and then walk for 5 minutes.

Duration: Two hours.

Equipment: Litter pickers, hoops, gloves and rubbish bags are provided.

Work areas: The beach; sand dunes; inner shore and causeway.  

Dublin City Council provides a tractor and trailer, plus Gerry the driver, to remove all of the rubbish that we collect.

The organisers do appreciate as much help as they can get. Bring a friend or a family member along with you. They will get some exercise, lots of fresh air and give some much needed help. Many hands make light work.

Please see the expected weather and tide information for Saturday below. It is recommended that you wear warm clothes and bring a rain jacket. Good footwear is essential and rubber boots are always a good idea.

P.s. If you use Facebook, please join 'Bull Island Action Group 2012'. It would be great if you could share this event on your wall too. Thanks!



Partly cloudy. No rain forecast. Light breeze 2 m/s from southwest. Temperature 5 C.



Low Water will be at 06:12a.m. Height 0.9m.

High Water will be at 12:49p.m. Height 4.0m.