FEATURE: Ellen Keane, Paralympic Athlete talks to ClontarfTV

09 Mar 2012

Ellen Keane Clontarf TV As you may know the Olympic games in London this year will be followed quickly by the Paralympic games and you will be delighted to hear that we have a local swimmer who is doing her very best to qualify to compete at these games.

Her name is Ellen Keane (from Dollymount Grove) and she already has one Paralympic games under her belt having competed in the Beijing games at the tender age of just 13.

She took time out last week from her busy training schedule to talk to ClontarfTV where she talks about her time at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, her move to train in the UK, and her schedule in the run up to London 2012 where she hopes to compete again for Ireland.

We also talk to her father Eddie who thanks residents and businesses in Clontarf for their financial support in helping with the considerable expenses involved in training an elite athlete.

You can view the interview with Ellen here.

Congrats and best wishes to Ellen over the coming weeks and months. We have asked Eddie to keep us in the loop on how she is getting on.