Ensuring Child Safety This Halloween

26 Oct 2017

There's no doubt that celebrating Halloween can create fantastic memories for years to come for children, as well as allowing them to get really creative when it comes to costumes! 

It can be easy to get lost in the excitement of this magical and mystical night, but it's essential to ensure that kids of all ages stay safe this Halloween. For most kids, the worst thing that can happen is a tummy ache after scoffing their loot - however, it's better to be safe than sorry! 

Here are some tips for parents to keep in mind for this coming Tuesday:

- Young children should always be accompanied by adults going door to door

- Older children who are trick-or-treating without adults should go in groups and ensure they stick together and should be instructed not go outside a certain area or boundary

- Children who have mobile phones should have them charged should they need to contact an adult 

- Remind kids of 'Stranger Danger' (not just at Halloween but throughout the year) 

       - Don't speak to anyone they do not know

       - Don't call to houses without lights on

       - Don't enter homes of anyone they do not know no matter how nice the person seems

Another thing to keep in mind for Halloween is fire safety. Dublin Fire Brigade received over 870 calls on Halloween last year, and many injuries reported come from fireworks and bonfires. If you notice the storage of bonfire materials over the coming days, please report them to DCC's Litter Hotline on 1800 251 500 (office hours) or online at www.dublincity247.ie. Many children's costumes are made of highly flammable materials, so make sure to keep children away from candles and flames. 

For more information on child safety for Halloween see www.hse.ie or www.dublincity.ie. Again, it's essential not only at Holloween but year-round to ensure our kids stay safe. For information on talking to children about keeping themselves safe visit www.staysafe.ie

Finally, Happy Halloween from the loveclontarf.ie team!