Emporio Armani Meets Dollymount Strand

24 Jun 2014

Italian fashion giant Emporio Armani just launched their Autumn/Winter 2014 Campaign, and something looks oddly familiar to us!

It turns out that the global fashion house chose the iconic surroundings of Dollymount Strand as a backdrop for the launch of their new collection. The label's fashion film has just been released, along with striking images from the campaign which have already been featured in influential fashion magazines such as Vogue.

The incredible campaign features models Amra Cerkezovic, Bethne de Vries, Alex Wilms and Matt Trethe walking along Dollymount on a dark, overcast day. The sprawling greyness of the beach subtly compliments Armani's coal-coloured clothing. The iconic landmark that is Poolbeg Generating Station can be seen in the backround.

The campaign was shot by Irish photographer Boo George in association with the Irish Film Board and Film Dublin Partnership.

Dollymount Strand is already a renouned location here in Ireland, but we're truly honoured that Armani has recognised its beauty and is sharing it with their global audience.

Check out the fashion film here:


Here are some of the best shots from the campaign: