Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028 Have your say!

20 Jan 2021

Dublin City Council is reviewing the existing City Development Plan (CDP)* and preparing a new plan to cover the period up to 2028. They are currently running the first consultation phase on the new plan and are encouraging people to get involved and have a say in how our city will be shaped over the next few years.

You can find out more about this process by clicking on the following link here

DCC are hosting webinars on the 25th and 26th of January to enable people to hear about some of the issues being considered in the plan. The webinars will also give people the opportunity to ask questions and share their views directly with Council officials. The topics for the webinars are City Economy and Retail, Housing and Community, Heritage and Climate Action, Movement and Transport, Green City and Sustainable Infrastructure. In order to attend any of the five virtual public meetings registration is required via Eventbrite and this can be done by clicking here.

Making a submission is free and full details on how to make a submission can be found via that link. The closing date for submissions is 4.30 pm on Monday the 22nd February 2021.

“A submission does not need to be a long report, it can simply be a comment on what you love about the city, or ideas on how it can be improved in the future.” John O’Hara, City Planning Officer, DCC.

CRA will be making a submission on this important document and we would welcome the views of all residents. You can email us on this, or any matter, at clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com.

*The CDP guides the development of our city. It sets out the overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of our city, in line with the statutory obligations and policy objectives of central government. It also covers the aims of DCC and detailed policies and objectives for our city.