Dublin City Council issue Flood Alert

24 Apr 2012

The following notice has been issued by Dublin City Council in relation to an expected flood risk over the coming 2-3 days:

MET Éireann's forecast for heavy rain due later this week has been assessed by the City Council's Emergency Management Team and following discussions with MET Éireann's Forecast Division the latest forecasts for Dublin as forecast by MET Éireann is for 12-15mm of rain over this period and other international forecasts are suggesting 15-20mm of rain in this period.

The risk of Pluvial flooding from thunderstorm activity is possible but it is not possible to predict in advance the time, location or severity of any such thunderstorm activity.

Below is an update on the actions being taken by Dublin City Council in advance of the anticipated heavy rain due on Wednesday and Thursday next:

1.        Drainage Division are monitoring the weather and are in close contact with MET Éireann.

2.       Drainage Division are visiting and inspecting all river screens to ensure Drainage system can operate to maximum efficiency.

3.       Waste Management Services staff, who operate a near continuous 24 hour city wide service, have been requested to take  
action as needed to also respond to any local flooding.

4.       The Traffic Control Centre are using the extensive CCTV system to identify any city wide problems.

5.      The Roads Department are also monitoring the network to mobilise as required.

6.       Dublin Fire Brigade are on hand to respond to requests for service.

7.       Additional Drainage staff are on standby should they be required.

8.       Since the location or timing of any flooding cannot be predicted in advance by MET Éireann putting the community on alert is  
the most effective response.


There are some practical steps that can be taken by local residents and business owners to increase the level of protection that they have. The main preventative measure is to ensure that all drains in the vicinity of your home or premises are in good working order and not covered in debris.