Don Bosco House Needs Your Help

14 Mar 2014

Don Bosco House was founded in 1978 by the Salesians to provide residential care and support for young people who are unable to live with their families. In keeping with the spirit and methodology of St. Don Bosco, their aim is to help young people to achieve their full potential and move on to play their part in society.

Their daily work is about responding to each young person's needs and wishes and helping them to grow and develop all aspects of their lives. We place an emphasis on working in a spirit of consultation, participation and involvement with each young person in their care. Their care staff create a caring and family atmosphere, to ensure each young person feels part of the community. The programme offered to each young person is tailored to their relevant emotional and educational/training needs. The programme aims to assist the young person to address areas of growth, walking with them, sharing the journey, promoting the positive and enabling them to feel secure and safe in our care.

Care and Aftercare

They provide two residential Care Services for young people under the age of 18yrs. They are one of the groups in Ireland who pioneered a Residential Aftercare service for young people. Currently they have five Aftercare Residential centres providing accommodation and support for young adults 18yrs to 21yrs.

Young people who avail of our services are not immune to the challenges all young people face in today's society. Some struggle with various levels of trauma, addiction, and different levels of neglect and abuse. Their staff are focused on helping and supporting them to make good choices and challenge them around areas they need to continue to develop in. One of the many advantages to our service is that we work with the young person for a number of years. Some remain in contact with us long after they move on from our care. They still feel a sense of belonging and continue to value the friendships they formed.

We are a voluntary agency and all our staff are trained in Social Care. Don Bosco Teenage Care is our registered Charity and has for a long number of years assisted in the provision of funding to purchase and maintain the centres where our services are located. They continue to work with us, in developing our services to meet the needs of the young people in this challenging economic climate.

Contact Details:

Don Bosco Houses Central Office

Don Bosco House

No. 12 Clontarf Rd., Dublin 3

Tel: 01 833 6009 / 01 833 7045

To continue this important work they need your help.

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