Dollymount Beach Cleanup

20 Apr 2018
This is to remind you that our next beach cleanup will take place this weekend on Saturday 21st April 2018. The details are as follows:
Time: We start work at 11:00a.m. so please try to arrive 15 minutes early.
Place: We meet at the entrance to Dollymount Strand, just past Royal Dublin Golf Club and beside the Happy Out Café.
Google map: Click for location.
By Bus: Take the Route 130 bus from Lower Abbey Street.
Bus Stop: Get off at the Wooden Bridge - ask the bus driver - and then walk for five minutes onto the island.
Duration: Two hours.
Equipment: Litter pickers, bag hoops, rubbish bags, and gloves are provided.
Work areas: The beach, sand dunes, inner shore, and the causeway, if we have enough volunteers.
Dublin City Council provides a tractor and trailer, plus a driver, to remove and dispose of the litter we collect. The Dublin Port Company provides us with litter-picking equipment. 
Check the weather and tide information for Saturday below. Dress according to the conditions expected but be sure to wrap up well and bring a waterproof jacket - just in case! Sunscreen is advisable. Sturdy footwear and thick socks are essential and rubber boots are always a good idea. 
Please try to persuade a friend or a family member to join you. The more volunteers we have, the greater the amount of work that we can do. 
I hope to see you all on Saturday.
Donal - 087 688 7468          
p.s. Please join 'Bull Island Action Group' on Facebook and "Share" this event with your friends. Thanks!
Partly cloudy with no rain forecast. There will be a gentle breeze of 4m/s from the south-southeast. 
The temperature is forecast to be 7 C. It will be quite cool.
Low Water will be at 9:50a.m. Height 0.8m.
High Water will be at 16:37p.m. Height 3.7m.