Documents from DCC Following Meeting on November 5th

06 Nov 2015

Dublin City Council have got in touch with us today, providing two documents which were presented at the Information Meeting which took yesterday 5th November, between our Elected Representative and Dublin City Council, regarding the Sea Wall. 

The first is a plan highlighting the average wall height, from from consulting engineers Roughan & O' Donavan; 


S2S Average Wall Heights November 2015

The second is the presentation which was made by Dublin City Council Officials to our Elected Representatives at yesterday's meeting;


Presentation to Elected Officials - 5th November 2015

This second document is a full run down of what was presented to our Elected Representatives, and includes proposed finishes to the wall, mock-up images, images of previous flooding in the area and information regarding the measures DCC have taken to accomodate the Biosphere. 

We know these documents may be of interest to many of you, and as always we appreciate your comments, opinions and thoughts...