Detergent Spill In Tolka River

22 Jul 2014

Dublin City Council and Inland Fisheries Ireland are currently investigating the spillage of some form of soap or detergent in the Tolka River. The substance appears to have entered the river at some point between Finglas and Drumcondra. The spillage was evident due to a thick layer of foam visible on the river's surface. 

As a result, hundreds of fish in the river have died. The event has received major social media coverage today, with many locals and passers by tweeting pictures of the foamy water and the dead fish floating in it. 

Although pollution is never a good thing, this event couldn't have happened at a worse time. According to recent reports, wild salmon had recently been flocking to the area in huge numbers

The Tolka river enters the Irish Sea at East Wall / Clontarf, so its truly tragic to see such a terrible event happening on our doorstep. It is not yet known how or why the detergent was dumped in the water. If you have any information, please call Inland Fisheries Ireland on 1890 34 74 24.  

Please keep Irish waterways clean and protect our beautiful wildlife! 

Pictures taken from Twitter.