Dublin City Council Tackles Local Safety Issue

06 Mar 2015

clontarf promenade

Dublin City Council are taking steps to solve a public safety issue on the Clontarf Promenade. 

Recently, the council has become aware of an issue that has emerged between cyclists and pedestrians on the cycleway and pedestrian footpaths in Clontarf. This conflict emerged particularly when the cycleway and footpaths merge at three different junctions, causing some minor accidents.

A spokesman from Dublin City Council told Dublin People that a report will be issued and presented to the North Central Area Committee meeting on April 20th 2015

Dublin Bay North TD Finian McGrath commended DCC's efforts to resolve the issue. 

“This is a big issue locally for users of the promenade" said McGrath. "Often drivers and their families, including young children, alight from their cars in the public car parks along the promenade in a relaxed frame of mind as they prepare to enjoy a walk or a kick-about.However, on their way to the seafront wall they have to cross over a very busy cycleway and often put their own and the cyclists’ safety at risk. It’s only a matter of time before a major incident occurs,” he added.

loveclontarf.ie would also like to thank Dublin City Council for taking steps to tackle this community issue.