Dave Gibson Clontarf Local Hero

10 Jan 2014

It is Friday and what better way to mark that "Happy Friday Feeling" than by celebrating Clontarf local hero Dave Gibson.

Mr Gibson is that rare breed of person who selflessly gives back to the community by volunteering his time and energy to making Clontarf a better place. 

Dave Gibson resident of Blackheath Court is a retired pilot, who in February of last year, equipped himself with picker, brush, pan and shopping trolley to clean some of the roads in Clontarf.  

Working off his own initiative he has paid for his cleaning equipment himself. He is a credit to the community and only yesterday morning cleaned the lower end of Clontarf Park of five sacks of rubbish. 

He is a very likeable person and a genuine local hero. It is his hope that others might take up the brush and shovel as well!

If you know of other local heros in the Clontarf area, that you think we should be celebrating for what they give back to the community, then please let us know by emailing their story (and photo) to: localhero@loveclontarf.ie