Crime Prevention Advice For Shoppers at Christmas

11 Dec 2013

Christmas is the time of the year when everyone is busy shopping, buying presents for loved ones. We are carrying credits cards and cash to get all those bits and pieces for friends and families… and opportunistic pick-pockets and petty thieves know this.

With that in mind Garda Sergent Jim Clavin from Clontarf Community Policing has given us some Advice for shoppers at Christmas.

  • Take extra care when using a cash point or chip and pin.
  • Don’t let anyone see your pin number, never write down your pin number especially on the back of your card or in your wallet.
  • If you carry a handbag, keep your purse at the bottom.
  • Keep your handbag zipped at all times – crowded shopping areas are very popular with pickpockets.
  • Don’t leave your handbag in the shopping trolley while you shop.
  • Never keep your wallet in your back pocket.
  • Stay alert when using your mobile phone. It’s very easy for someone to snatch it out of your hand.
  • Always put shopping and parcels in the boot of your car when driving.
  • Don’t leave valuables on display in your car - they attract thieves.
  • Don’t return to your car to leave purchases in the boot before continuing with your shopping, as thieves may watch car parks.
  • Keep the car door locked, even when travelling.
  • Don’t leave your house keys in your car.
  • Secure your Sat Nav- hide it when not in use, don’t preset your exact home address into it. 

By taking a few precautions and staying alert it is possible to do all your Christmas shopping without worry.

So stay safe this Christmas and enjoy the shopping season!