CRC Art Sale Goes Virtual!

28 Apr 2021

For over 40 years CRC has hosted a dedicated Art Exhibition on the grounds of their Clontarf Campus, however this year, for the first time because of current restrictions due to Covid-19 the team were unable to host what is an essential event on their fundraising calendar. 

So, in 2021 they decided to host their first CRC Art Sale online, the proceeds of which will go towards the refurbishment of the Feeding Clinic which provides an essential service to the youngest people who use The CRC Services. 

The CRC Art Sale, which launches on April 26th, includes works from an incredible group of generous and creative artists, illustrators, photographers and sculptors who have all taken time to donate a special piece. CRC has been very well supported by wonderful artists from Clontarf, some of who you will have undoubtedly heard of. Check out the link here to browse the incredible collection. To keep up to date with the Art Sale you can also follow CRC on InstagramFacebook or Twitter

For 70 years the CRC has been the home of specialist services, education, and training for thousands of children and adults with disabilities from all over Ireland.

Today CRC provides specialist services and supports to nearly 4,000 children and adults from all over Ireland. With CRC schools covering preschool to Leaving Cert years and a vast range of specialist adult services, the CRC supports people of all ages throughout every stage of their life. 

The proceeds of this year's art sale will go towards the refurbishment of the Feeding Clinic based in Clontarf, which serves as the first port of call for the parents of newborn babies diagnosed with physical disabilities. Having a new baby can be overwhelming, but having a baby diagnosed with physical disabilities who cannot eat and thrive is very stressful for parents and their families. The Feeding Clinic specialists support the parents every step of the way in finding the best way for the baby to feed making sure the family is off to a good start and they continue to work with the parents throughout the child’s life and through adulthood. The Feeding Clinic support is a life-long service.

Please be sure to have a look at the wonderful pieces on sale and support if you can.