CRA Update on Parking Provision @ Clontarf Baths

14 Apr 2020

Update on Parking Provision at Clontarf Baths

Planning Application #2355/20

Clontarf Baths reopened following extensive renovations in early 2018.  The parking provisions approved in the planning permission were not implemented at that time. 

A number of concerns about the safety of cyclists and pedestrians at the entrance and exit of the car park were brought to the attention of DCC.  The Baths management has been working on revised parking proposals and a new planning application has been submitted to DCC. 

Full details of the current proposal can be viewed online in the Planning Section of DCC's website here. The closing date for observations on this application is 23rd April 2020.

We will be making observations on this application and we would welcome any views you would like to share with us –  In particular, we would like to hear from promenade users be they walkers, runners or cyclists and those who use the existing car park.